Kitty is pretty up to date!

It’s been a while but finally the kitty thread is up to date! Apologies to all for this delay – it’s been a mixture of busyness, bewilderment and bone-idleness which meant I had fallen a record five weeks behind, particularly as I get to grips with the new system that has been put in place.

Anyway with excuses put aside, we’ve had some important moves over the last few weeks so here are my weekly highlights listed for your pleasure!

Game 353 – “Big move for Chris as he takes 4th, plus Billy moves to 23rd.”

Game 354 – “Massive move this week as Tom becomes the new leading attendee at TTFE! Well done to him!”

Game 355 – “Nothing of note this week, but a big shout out to Greg who collected this week! Thanks Mr Davies!” 

Game 356 – “Joe moves into second place!” 

Game 357 – “Rolan’s on the move plus I’ve added Dan’s move from last week.” 

Check out the kitty thread on the forum here for more information!

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