Coconut water, Coke or a pint of Carling – What’s your TTFE drink?










If you’ve watched ‘The Waterboy’ you’ll know the importance of staying hydrated throughout a sports session. Bobby Boucher may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but he knew the power of high quality H20!

But when playing at TTFE, I have to say that there isn’t too much variety when it comes to seeing a choice of drink. Some of you are even hardcore and don’t bring one at all!

I have to say I was always an ‘orange squash man’ – a happy compromise between the blandness of water and the sugar riddled sports drinks. I’ve wavered though in recent years – moving from one end of the spectrum to the other, depending on how virtuous or lethargic I was feeling on game day.

Some of us in the past (definitely in our younger days) even had a few swift halves before playing to get them in the mood. And in some cases it worked!

But if you’re one to experiment with the best drink to get you pumped for TTFE, check out 5-a-side‘s article called How to Make Your Own Isotonic Sports Drink. It’s not a bad read.

I’m sure by next week there will be a great array of drinks on offer!


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2 Responses to Coconut water, Coke or a pint of Carling – What’s your TTFE drink?

  1. David Germon says:

    I don’t bring anything, my game drink of choice is a cocktail of rain, sweat and tears!

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