Official TTFE Spotify playlist launched



Picture the scene: It’s Thursday night, 8:30pm. You’ve grabbed your shirt, shorts and laced up your boots. You’ve got your game face on – you’re ready to do battle for the night’s game – especially if it’s a TPC match!

You step into your car, or if you’re walking or taking the bus you put on your headphones. The music starts playing – it’s YOUR jam, the fuel you need to play your best. Oh yeah, this has got you PUMPED!!

But what is it… we need to know!

TTFE is building a collaborative playlist of our favourite music tracks. Whether it’s rap, rock, RnB or even classical, get involved, add yours now, or comment below and we’ll add it for you!!!

If you’re a user of Spotify get involved now and add your own tracks to our ever-so-funky TTFE playlist.

Click here to access the TTFE Spotify playlist

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One Response to Official TTFE Spotify playlist launched

  1. Chris Phillips says:

    Come on people, the list is still a little empty.

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