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First Round: Karl P V Big G

Winner: Karl Powell Summary in a Sentence: A scrappy, but competitive game which saw the new boy Karl Powell vanquish the existing champion against all the odds. So the King is dead. His reign lasted just over half a year; … Continue reading

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19 players you will find at a TTFE game

Over a week ago, Calum put up a great link on Facebook ( which describes typical characters you would come across in a 5-a-side team. It gathered great interest from a few TTFE members who started to compare players with … Continue reading

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First Round: Callum V Rolan

Winner: Rolan Hazuki Summary in a Sentence: A second half demolition job neutralising a timid Team Callum capped off a superb, all-rounded performance from Team Rolan. It was a whisker away from not even being a Team Picker Cup game, but in the … Continue reading

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