TPC: About the Cup

About the Cup

So,Chris had an idea… how about a Team Picker Cup?! (with a trophy and/or a “TTFE; I know my shit!” t-shirt prize?)

Think TTFE meets, FIFA, Championship manager, Poolmania and the chance to gloat!


1. Anybody who wants to enter, can do so but they have to turn up to TTFE, pick players for their team (out of the pool who are there) and play the game(s)… You can try to lead your chosen team (i.e. tell people how to play) but that’s dependant on how well you can lead (and who you’ve got )

2. When we know how many are interested, we will draw up a knock-out tournament (there will be no table stage.. you lose, you are out!!)

3. If we don’t get an even/easy number (like 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32) then we will minimise the number of “by’s” people can get but if you are unlucky, you will have to play an extra round compared to somebody else.

Deciding who plays who?

1. The numbers will be assigned games (to minimise ‘by’s’)

2. The names are assigned numbers at random and the games will then need to be played.

Playing the games:

1. Each round is played as and when the players are at a normal TTFE game… (invite order will not be affected) the difference is, that team picking will be done at the start of the game and the 2 people who are playing would chose 1 player each until all players are allocated… you’d be picking to win, not for ‘fair teams’ as usual.

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