Poolmania I (2006)


On June 1st 2006 the first ever TTFE Pool Tournament took place. On what was an opportunity for TTFE players to come together and play competitively to obtain bragging rights as the game’s finest player, little did we know what it would become today.  Now called TTFE Poolmania, the tournament continues to thrive with players old and new.

Enter Greg Davies; the cup’s most decorated and successful player, who began his Poolmania journey and notched up his first piece of silverware. He defeated a spirited Dale Thomas in the final, who himself overcame two playoff games to reach the knockout stage.

Poolmania I will also be remembered for the use of hand splint as a rest for Joe Newbury, who was nursing a hand injury at the time. This medical aid however couldn’t save him against the impressive Dean McCarthy, who defeated Joe for third place and has not played in a tournament since.

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