Poolmania IV (2009)


Greg Davies further cemented his place in Poolmania history by notching up his fourth consecutive title. Before the tournament his usual modesty transformed into rallying call for an opponent out there to take the crown from his brow, as he was perhaps finding it a ‘bit too easy’. With that said, Davies did not have it all his own way.

Poolmania IV was the first time we saw James Carling, a debutant who boasted a good game and boy did he give it. He beat Davies in the opening game and became the group winner, forcing Davies into second. Meanwhile another debutant, Mark, also made waves in other group by blowing all the opposition away. It took Jon Pride a playoff round with Joe Newbury and Mitchell Gadd to make the semi finals (not to mention an incident with some guy knocking into Pride’s cue), where he met Carling.

But as impressive the debutants were it was in the semi finals where the group leaders faltered, giving Pride his first final appearance against Davies and a stab at Poolmania glory. Davies showed his true metal and defeated Pride, whilst Carling earned an impressive third place over Mark.


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