Was this a goal? You’re The Ref! #1


Thanks to Pridee for looking so ‘officiating’ in this pic

Everyone knows by now that at TTFE, we don’t have the luxury of having a referee every week.

Therefore over the years we’ve been playing we developed a way of policing the game and ensuring that things move along without a man in black. That system works because it’s simple – YOU’RE THE REF!

For those who need a reminder – if you want to call a handball or a foul, it’s up to you to do so. You are bestowed with the same power a normal referee would have, so when you feel that a tackle has gone a bit too far for your liking, all you need to do is say the f-word (no not that f-word!). Just remember not to overuse it or use it unnecessarily – or your fellow ‘refs’ on the pitch will not have a great opinion of you!

So to highlight this celebrated rule at TTFE, I would like to start a new fortnightly segment on a Monday called YOU’RE THE REF!

This will involve you observing some unusual instances across the world of football and by using your knowledge of game, make the call you feel is right – give the goal, award the foul… it’s up to you!

This week we go to a U14s match in Scotland where a penalty shootout is underway. If you watch the video, despite the keeper making the all-important save the goal was awarded anyway – but was it the right call? 

See what you think and place your comments below or on Facebook!


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