TTFE Administration Night

So, last night, the more interested in administrative tasks among us got together for a little TTFE administration night…

We discussed…

Web sites, and how the forum is not necessarily the best for everyone… some people are not forum savvy. We discussed a standard site that publishes the info including sections such as:

  • Main page / News
  • Team Picker Cup
  • Poolmania
  • Organising
  • Kitty
  • Bibs Rota
  • Google Docs Links (Requires Google account, not open to the world!)
  • Picture Galleries

Ideally, we’d have people like Paul Preece and James Pugh or others involved who are more skilled at this sort of thing, but in case they aren’t interested, we’ll just have to muddle on through!

Either way, I just thought I’d put a quick update together.

We also ordered the TPC prize T-shirt… XL, cos lets face it, baggy is better than skin tight!

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