TPC 2013

So, the Team Picker Cup seemed to be a success and it’s rumoured that the sponsors are willing to fund the tournament once again in 2013.

Before that however, tournament organisers are concerned there will not be enough teams interest to get it going again and as such, have opened up a pre-registration section which can be accessed here:

Early rumours of the competition are that:

  1. It will allow 8 or 16 players
  2. It will start in June/July depending on numbers
  3. Team picking will be done slightly differently (only the pickers will know the order picked… if this is leaked, they are disqualified)
  4. T-shirt (and “buy the champ a pint”) to be awarded at a SLODBN – unless the Champ doesn’t want to go out in which case the highest finisher can claim the “buy the champ a pint” but the T-shirt is awarded after the game… we’d prefer you came out and socialised though 😉 – There is no cash value to this prize, and participants cannot be forced to buy you a pint… this is based purely on love!
  5. Rule changes – cannot change the game order, when players are both attending, the game is played (regardless of weather)

All this will of course be confirmed closer to the time however so please stay tuned for further updates and of course visit the TPC section on the TTFE homepage:

So, go register and then it’s a case of watch this space.

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  1. Joe says:

    This is great news – count me in!

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