Get Social TTFE-er!

So the last TTFE social event was the TTFE TPC:IKMS 2012 SLODBN (what a catchy title!) and I think was a great laugh… shots were consumed, photos taken, there were lesbians present and taking their clothes off and the champ… Oh… Ok, it wasn’t perfect, but it was a better effort than we usually make with a pretty good turn out.

I remember the night ending at something like 5am, with Greg having prank called a girl and then Luco trying to eat some random’s left over chip unknowingly after the other man was kicked out of Burger King! …Aids Burger, wow-wow-wow-wooooooow!

So, I’m sure someone else will write a more full recap of the night, but all I need to say is thanks to Pugh for organising it!

So, what’s next for TTFE starting to be a bit more social? Think of some stuff you’d like to do and post it on the forum… ESPECIALLY if you’re also willing to organise it but even if you can’t do that part.

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