Ho Ho Ho! TTFE Xmas Game is Go Go Go!

As 2012 draws to a close and the festive season nears its exciting climax,  TTFE will be taking a well-earned holiday just like the rest of us. But until we get stuck into our turkeys and new toys, it would be incredibly rude not to honour the tradition of the TTFE Xmas Game.

We’ve always been the type of lads who loves a bit of roleplay (!) and what better costume to grab than the garb of Good Ole Saint Nick, the bringer of both aforementioned turkey and toys. For the final game of the year, we encourage everyone to dress up in attire suited to the festive season – Santa, Elves, Mrs. Claus… we’ve had it all! It’s real good fun and the extra layer works wonders in this chilly weather too!

Check out some of the pictures of our Xmas game a few years back on our Facebook group here!

So for the year’s last game next Thursday 20th Dec, be sure to be bring your red suits and hats! TTFE will then break up for a week and will return on 3rd January. 

Lastly here’s my favourite pic…. Especially the ‘Clamping in Progress’ sign in the background! Oooh kinky!

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