Professional Foul, Wrestling and Gate-Gate!

Sadly, TTFE’s foremost reporter Joe Newbury was not at the last game however I can’t help but imagine how the wordsmith would have told the tale of the last man holding another player back in what can only be called a professional foul.

Other issues that would have been a talking point for “Shabba” would have been the wrestling for the ball at one end of the pitch with TTFE’s worst keeper shouting “I’VE GOT BOTH HANDS ON IT!” but nobody was sure what he was refering to by the word “IT”. Some say bum touching went on, but Phillips claims, it was all about his balls and he didn’t want Rolan touching what was his ball at that point!

Wrestle me big boy!

Rumours are rife at camp TTFE that Phillips had a childhood wrestling championship and one source has even provided what they think is a picture of the player back at his best:

Or finally and most importantly, how Joe would have dealt with the issue of “Gate-Gate” where Chris Phillips made a scoring mistake when using the 5-bar-gate system… shouting for an additional goal from his team to help him correct his earlier score keeping mistake!

I think I love Beyonce in the “you put my love on top video” (the bit where she’s in the dance studio, not the bit where she’s in lots of various outfits)

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4 Responses to Professional Foul, Wrestling and Gate-Gate!

  1. Joe says:

    Excellent reporting. I really got a sense of what was going on and I’m gutted I missed it all! But the real talking point here has to the long standing problem of ‘ball touching’ – when will TTFE finally learn that the way forward is ‘stray hand’ video technology because it is needed!

    • Chris Phillips says:

      I cannot tell you how many calls there were for stray-hand-technology again, it’s the age old topic now and quite frankly, I cannot see a reason not to have it!

  2. 4G says:

    That’s not Chris!
    Tits are too small.

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