Sophia Cancel Second Week in a row!

TTFE have been informed by Sport Wales that due to the expected sub-zero temperature for this weeks’game and the already snow-ridden surface, they have taken the step to cancel his week’s booking at this stage. In fact all bookings this week are cancelled.

As such, Joe Newbury has suggested some possible alternatives; a social event or a game at a leisure centre.

Having looked at recent feedback from the State of Play survey; we can see that people wanted the following:

SLODBN nights – not suitable for Thursday night… school night!

TTFE Xmas Meal – not Christmas anymore 🙁

Computer/Video Game nights – A real possibility… as a suggestion I could offer my (Joe’s) gaff and do what we did before with retro games? or keep it modern this time?

Paintballing – not suitable this week

Nights out at pub – a possibility… but doesn’t seem to interest people as an alternative to cancelled games!

Bowling – Maybe another organiser who offered would like to be on the job as stated in SoP?

A text message will be sent later today.

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2 Responses to Sophia Cancel Second Week in a row!

  1. Joe says:

    The people have spoken – this is the stuff you wanna do, so let’s do it!

  2. Chris Phillips says:

    So far, 3 replies to the text…

    1. Another venue
    2. Games Night
    3. Quasar

    This one has cancelled night due to low numbers for any given event written all over it! I think people only actually want one thing… I’ll see this group of friends but only if it’s to play football on a Thursday on a certain pitch at 9pm… we’re a very specific bunch aren’t we.

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