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TTFE is not only a game of football between mates, it’s much more than that. It’s a vibrant community of people, a chance to let your hair down and have a good old weekly natter to catch up with friends. One other thing which has definitely become more common now is that TTFE is a refuge from wives, girlfriends, life partners,  ladies, wenches and so on. Amen to that brother!

However there is one day in February where this macho-bubble is popped by the commercialism of Saint Valentine, where men everywhere shudder at the prospect of buying expensive gifts for their loved ones and dice with death when they get a shoddy bouquet of flowers from the local Texaco. You can probably guess that this year we have succumbed to this fate on 14 February.

I arranged TTFE on this date without a passing thought about Valentine’s Day (Mrs Newbury and I celebrate Santes Dwynwen in January instead you see, so I have an excuse) and I was made aware today by my partner in crime Chris and his wife-to-be that this may be a problem. Therefore we figured that the decision should be yours – I present you with options which you can vote for on the Facebook page here. For reference they are:

So what will you be doing this Valentine's Day?

So what will you be doing this Valentine’s Day?


a) I would like to play as normal. Despite being incredibly good-looking, I’m lucky enough to be single and I’m all about the football! Or my other half is incredibly understanding…

b) I’m not playing as I’ve made romantic plans. I’m the South Walian Casanova didn’t you know? Wining and Dining all booked for my bird.

c) I’m very likely not to play. I’ll probably book a table last minute together with the Texaco flowers.



OR…. Secret option d) I’m up for bringing my other half in a mixed game? Just think about it…

PLEASE NOTE! Let me know by the next TTFE game (7 Feb) where you stand for the game following week. If we have 10 men playing – therefore 10 people who voted for option a – the booking will continue as normal. If 10 men isn’t reached (and by voting you confirm that are playing if it reaches 10 men) then the game will cancelled.

Take it away Dean…

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