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As you will have read from our last post, TTFE has once more been uprooted from its spirited home at Sophia Gardens. It’s not all bad news however as the pitch will finally receive a much needed makeover through total replacement of the surface.

In the 10 years we’ve been playing at Sophia, I don’t recall such TLC ever being afforded to our beloved pitch and I’m sure you’d join me in tipping our hats off to Sport Wales. Especially when we have access to another pitch on site as a temporary measure while they make the pitch all shiny and new.

So here begins a new feature on the TTFE website while the work is underway, which I call ‘Pitchwatch’. Each week I aim to provide up to date accounts of the work being carried out mainly through pretty pictures and absolutely wild speculation.

As you can see, the signs make it quite clear that the pitch is out of operation. So much so that Rich was convinced football was cancelled! The goal posts had also been removed, as the rain washed away the tire tracks from the camera vans housed there for the cricket in recent weeks.

Not much to really say this time but stay tuned for next week, when the hope of the presence of heavy machinery will make these posts a lot more interesting.

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