A game of firsts…

Well done to Joe and Tom for reaching 300 played TTFE games!

Well done to Joe and Tom for reaching 300 played TTFE games!

In the legendary story of the Battle of Thermopylae told in Zak Snyder’s 300, a Spartan army of that very number proudly fought against a huge Persian army. It was that Spartan spirit which was shown on both sides at this more evenly-matched contest between AC Silhouette of a Milan and Leave My Arsealona. ¬†Greek fever was all around not because of a return to the outdoor pitch at Sophia but because Tom and Joe had reached the magical number of 300 games at TTFE. Fitting that they were on opposing sides in what turned out to be a TTFE classic, filled with player passion, great goals and a sprinkling of zany humour.

With that same humour in mind, it was inevitable then that on this long awaited return to outdoors that this became a game of firsts. So cue the calls of First goal on the pitch, first kick over the fence on the pitch and so on; but then the more imaginative firsts were conjured up as the game progressed. I think Callum came up with some of the more unusual, including the first time a team had scored 5 goals on the new pitch, and so on. When the rain came with impeccable timing at the interval for the second half, it was only a matter of time before Chris had foreseen the first fall on the new pitch (which I think was Dan or G?). If you had any firsts you wanted to share, together with the player that accomplished that particular feat, please share on Facebook or the comments.

So the verdict on the new pitch? I think on the whole it was felt that the pitch was pretty good. The weather made it a game of two halves – with the first half being dry making the surface to be great to play on, then the wet surface in the second half quickened the pace of the ball which caused problems for both sides.

The game itself was a tight affair, being won by the very last kick of the ball to make it 9-8. But don’t take my word for it – just ask Mr Karlito Kool himself…


Excellently summed up Karl, I think you captured the game in an short overview very well in that Facebook post. Indeed it was the fine strike from Jon which won the game and of course that inspired Callum to state it was the first scored volley on the new pitch…

The current TPC winner not only is talented, but modest too…


And so with that, I hope that the commentary above from assister and finisher is enough to paint a picture in your minds of that Messi-esque winning strike. My words alone could not describe its awesomeness. ¬†Well done again to Jon and to the one of the evening’s honorary Spartans, Tommy Gun.

Remember list any of your firsts below and any other moments in the game I’ve overlooked…

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