So you’re a bunch of Facebook-using, 7-a-side-loving video gamer enthusiasts…

The number have now been crunched and are collected from the recent State of Play questionnaire – the chance for you to give your views on everything TTFE.  

So how did it go? In short – you all are a bunch of Facebook-using, 7-a-side-loving video gamer enthusiasts! In some areas we had little change on last year, but in others we saw real change – particularly in the way you access information about TTFE.

And by that I mean Facebook. you interact with each other with more of you taking to the social networking site to see what’s going on. It’s changed the way we all arrange the games, host social events and generally take the piss out of each other. Plus a lot more of you are more concerned with seeing whether you have a game or not, as well as updates on the Team Picker Cup. (Although this didn’t feature in the survey I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the new weekly Money Shot item – is it useful? Do you read it?)

TTFE ‘behind the scenes’ was perhaps one of the most contentious issues covered in the survey, as more of you have spoken our on the game time and the weekly organisation of the game. Some felt that finishing at 10.30pm is getting too late and this is something we’ll be looking at throughout the year. The key thing is that if the time is changed it will have an effect on other factors – such as venue and price – so it’s a decision we will not take lightly. The recent run of odd numbered games have also affected your love of the game, so Chris and I have taken that on board and looked at ways we can ensure even numbers are maintained as much as humanly possible!

On the social front, computer games nights are the new favoured activity at TTFE. In close second comes the Poolmania tournament (details to follow shortly on 2014’s edition) and in third, the good old fashioned board games night has leaped 7 places in priority. That’s not to say we don’t do other things – Social Secretary James Pugh will undoubtedly decree a SLODBN after the Team Picker Cup has finished and after a recent trip to the pub the ‘Poker Night’ has been resurrected too! Join us this Sunday night at Riley’s for that (take a look at the event in the Facebook group for more details!)

You can read the 2013 Results here and you can make up your own mind on what TTFE should be like in 2014. After all – it’s your football community! 

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