Keep on Rocking in the Free (Game) World!

We all love the fact that every once in a while after playing a few games at TTFE we are informed that our next game is on the house. Yes – free games are an important part of ensuring that the money is filtered back to those who pay. After all, it’s your money!

However after years of handing out free games to our players, it’s time for a change. Don’t worry about losing your free games though – in fact, we’ve been looking at ways to ensure free games are being allocated fairly to you and that those who play, don’t have to pay… as much!  Up until now we’ve had a formula in place which allocated the free games but it became clear to us that it became updated and a new method was needed to reflect the current times at TTFE. Not only are the new rules fairer, but they are also easier to follow and reward regular players as well as encouraging bib washing!

Every player who has a lower free game to games played ratio (number of games played divided by free games received) than the current number of 32.01% is entitled to a free game. Simple as that.

However there are five extra rules which may mean you don’t always get your game for free. They are:

  • The Long Term Player rule -Player must have played at least 5 games in the last 150 weeks of TTFE.
  • The Short Term Player rule – Player must have played at least 3 games in the last 26 weeks of TTFE.
  • The Gotta to Be In to Win rule – Player must not be “OUT unless stated” – so you need to have your status set to IN!
  • The Greedy Freeby rule – Player must not have the highest Free to Played ratio/percentage at the current game. In other words – the greedy person that has had the most free games based on the games he has played!
  • The Bib Bastard rule -Player must not be in the bottom 3 Bib to Played ratio/percentage at the current game. So make sure you wash those bibs!

Each week on the Money Shot you’ll see the Bib Bastard rule (in yellow) and Greedy Freeby rule (in orange).  So when it comes to free games – remember the rules and play for free at TTFE!

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  1. Chris Phillips says:

    “Player must not be “OUT unless stated” – so you need to have your status set to IN!”

    Well… at least available to ask 😉

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