19 players you will find at a TTFE game

Over a week ago, Calum put up a great link on Facebook (http://www.punditarena.com/football/english-football/rbarrett/19-guys-you-always-see-at-five-a-side) which describes typical characters you would come across in a 5-a-side team.

It gathered great interest from a few TTFE members who started to compare players with the characters depicted in the article – most of which are good humoured such as the ‘fat guy with the touch’ or ‘one who is always late’. So when Chris decided to do a TTFE poll to see who we all think fit into each of the roles, a great survey was conducted with around a dozen entries.  You can find the results in gold, silver and bronze order where appropriate. Thanks to all who participated! Remember – this is all good natured fun (after all I’m the one of the ‘fat guys with the feet’!) so please take it in the true typical TTFE spirit.

The things I do for Chris’ crazy schemes…

1.  The Organiser





2. The Guy Who Thinks He’s Player Coach





3. The Guy Who Turns Up In Full Metal Studs





4. The Guy Who’s Always Late






5. The Guy Who Has To Leave Right On The Hour






6. The Guy Who Uses The Sides





7. The Guy Who’s So Tired He Goes In Goal






8. The Hatchet Man





9. The Guy That Shoots From Everywhere





10. The Goal Hanger





11. The Guy Who Fell In Love In With The Booze





12. The Guy Who Loves Tricks






13. The Guy Who Somehow Puts It Over The Fence From Two Yards






14. The Fat Guy With The Lovely Feet





15. The Guy Who Pretends He’s Been Shot When Tackled






16.  The Joker






17. The Guy Who Does Everything To Avoid Going In Goal









18. The Guy With The Robocop Style Knee Strap






19. The Guy Who Runs Off Before Paying

No-one! You’re all great at paying these days.  


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