Quarter Final: Dan V Rolan

Winner: Rolan

Summary in a Sentence: Rolan booked his place in the final with a dominant team display throughout against Team Dan.

“In the next round Rolan will struggle to find a better team than he did this time – especially when the goal machine who helped him fire will be his opponent in the Quarter Finals”. That’s what I said two games back, when Rolan just made his way past Callum in his opening TPC game. Did he struggle? Not one bit.

Team Rolan

Team Rolan – Joe, Karl M, Rolan, Pishty, Karl P, Dave G, Josh

Team Dan

Team Dan – Chris S, Paul S, Gaji, Billy, Dan, Chris P. Tom

The pick looked to be fair at first, with perhaps Rolan edging it with more of a balance between attack and defence. It’s always difficult to pick when there is someone unfamiliar in the list and this week Josh was playing his first game at TTFE after being invited last minute. He eventually went to Team Rolan – certainly as the captain knew of the capability he had in going to win the game for him.

Typical weather for this time of year, the rain which fell earlier in the day transformed the pitch into a virtual ice rink. In truth though it did little to change the outcome of this game, which was only going one way. This was perhaps the most one-sided TPC game since that strange ‘6 v 5’ semi final between Big G and Chris P.

So why was it so one sided? It’s hard to say – as I’ve already stated the sides weren’t exactly  top heavy in a captain’s favor. There was no lack of effort on Team Dan either, who chased down every ball and fought in each challenge. Team Rolan just seemed to have control of this encounter from start to finish.

There isn’t much more to say really – but if I had to I would suggest that sometimes things just don’t click and sometimes they do. But I have to ask, does Rolan have the magic wand needed to grab TPC glory? Let this be a warning to everyone…

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