Expected return of Pridee for tonight’s game


It’s been a long time coming but it’s looking very likely that Jon Pride will be playing his first TTFE game in over three years.

Jon “Pridee” Pride was last seen on the Sophia pitch in September 2011 before leaving to begin a new life down under in Australia.

Players lower down in the order shouldn’t worry too much though as his march up the TTFE order is going to be put on hold – perhaps for another three years – as he is only in God’s Country for a short time visiting friends and family.

It’s always great to have Jon back with us at TTFE and we hope that he enjoys his TTFE testimonial. Jon was always the type of player that if you played against you would hope he played below his best, but I’m pleased to report that party animal Jon was on top form when it came to the recent SLOBDN – which is widely believed to be the best yet!

Jon’s return comes at time when a number of older TTFE legends are being invited back to play. One of these players includes Dale; TTFE co-founder and a legendary captain during the old ‘Chris V Dale’ rivalries in the early days.  

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