Are you a Star Striker or a Super Spoon? – Perfecting the art of shooting

There's a little bit of spoon in all of us...

There’s a little bit of spoon in all of us…

Now I’ve never been the best when it comes to scoring goals. In fact, I’m more likely to be picking the ball out of the net as a beaten goalkeeper, rather than leading the attack.

I love being a defender, especially because I love putting in vital challenges and playing an important role for the team. But I cannot deny that sometimes my inner child wants to grab the ball, glide down the wing, nutmeg all the defenders and blast the ball past the keeper – all followed by wild celebrations bare-chested Giggsy style. Yes, we all remember THAT goal.

However when it comes to my shooting, it’s safe to say that an opposition player is already leaving the pitch in preparation for the ballooned blunder in front of goal. Once named Fatman Scoop, this cursed nickname gives you an idea of how often I get to dance wildly after I hit the back of the net.

Therefore I had some sympathy on my return for TTFE’s latest member of  ‘Spooner Squad’ – our very own burglar, Michael VB. I have to say that his ability to spoon and scoop in front of goal really impressed me, not to mention his team mates, who must have thought there was a mystical magnetic field between him and the goal.

Some people have the gift of a golden boot, while the rest of us have the golden spoon. But what does it take to start grabbing those spoons and scoop up a dish full of goals?

Toon’ up your shooting skills

Geordie legend (and unwanted ticket deliverer) Alan Shearer has had a little bit of experience in this area. He believes:

“The most important thing when hitting the ball with power is getting your head and knee over it to keep the shot down. Practise using the inside of your foot, the outside and the front, so you’re confident that in a one-on-one, you’ll be better than the keeper.”

For all my fellow scoopers out there, remember that leaning forward can the key difference between bagging a goal and doing a Baggio.

“If you lean back, the ball will go miles over. If you get over it, you’ve got half a chance of scoring.”

There’s a ton of shooting tips across the net and I’ve grabbed some of the best videos below.

So for all of TTFE’s super strikers – what’s your secret? Let us know in the comments!

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