Was this a goal? – You’re The Ref #2



It’s time for another edition of You’re The Ref, where we ask you to apply your footballing knowledge and become the ultimate bastion of justice on the pitch.

This week we’ll be revisiting the woeful experience that was Cardiff City’s 2014-2015 season; also known as the Bluebirds’ dreadful and disappointing return to Championship football. Against eventual league winners Bournemouth, Cardiff goalkeeper Simon Moore had a mare as he seemed to launch the ball from a drop kick into the head of the Callum Wilson, who was standing only a few feet away. The ball then rebounded onto the bar of the Cardiff goal which allowed Wilson to follow up and tap into the empty net.

To spare his blushes, Moore was saved by the referee Lee Mason’s whistle as he ruled the goal out. But were Cardiff lucky to not to have conceded a goal on this occasion?

Also all Cardiff City fans…. I encourage you to step outside of your blue-eyed thinking and apply a bit of objectivity and please!  Me included!

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