Betting odds for the Team Picker Cup… as it starts today

Let the lottery commence - who will win this year's TPC?

Let the lottery commence – who will win this year’s TPC?

The bookies have spoken… and it seems that they feel the current champ is most likely to pick up the title once again. Joe Newbury was placed the favourite by a number of bookmakers with an average price of 3/1, with former champ Jon Ridout coming in second favourite at 4/1. Chris Phillips is a little way behind at 7/1 as the highest non-winner of the title, with 2012 finalist William Collins just behind on 8/1. Everyone else is placed between 9/1 to 12/1.

Overall the betting prices are fairly long – demonstrating how difficult it is to predict the outcome in the Team Picker Cup. The tournament has yet to have champion who has won the title two times or more and no player has reached the final on more than one occasion.

Betting forecaster Billy Hill said that players shouldn’t pay too much attention to the odds. “Bookmakers only have form to use as a real factor for the odds, but with a number of new entrants this year it can all goes out the window after a few weeks”.

“Another factor is the easy route, which gives Newbury his favourite tag and to Phillips a slight edge over Collins. Hazuki’s uncertainty about his availability means his odds lengthened too. Pinto Castro gets a significant boost as a new captain mainly due to his previous performance as a player in the TPC.”

In a tournament without 2013 winner Gareth O’Neill and 2014 finalist Pishty Agha, plus plenty of new captains bookies are saying that this is the most open TPC ever.

Hill was coy when he was asked about who he thought would win the title this year, but was willing to put his money on a ‘dark horse’.

“I have a feeling we will see another new champion, but this time someone who shown promise in recent tournaments. Collins and Phillips would probably go in that category. One could even argue that whoever wins the Battle of the Dans will win it!

“If I had to pick though I fancy Karl Powell to have a good run this year. His defeat of O’Neill last year showed a lot of potential and he has the qualities to go all the way”.

The TPC starts tonight with the opening first round fixture between Michael Van Birgelen and James Pugh. 

Do you agree with the bookies? Who do you think has the minerals to bring home the gold?

Average odds for TPC 2015 Winner

  • Joe Newbury – 3/1 Fav
  • Jon Ridout – 4/1
  • Chris Phillips – 7/1
  • William Collins – 8/1
  • Michael Pinto Castro – 9/1
  • James Pugh 10/1
  • Karl Powell – 10/1
  • Daniel Wakeham – 12/1
  • Daniel Pato – 12/1
  • Rolan Hazuki – 12/1
  • Dale Thomas – 12/1
  • Michael Van Birgelen – 12/1
  • Chris Swan – 12/1

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