Countdown to Team Picker Cup begins!

It’s fever pitch down TTFE at the moment as the first ever Team Picker Cup is only a few days away. Starting this Thursday, eight brave combatants will strategise, exercise and fantasise in an attempt to get their hands on a brand new T-Shirt especially made for the occasion! To add to the pressure it’s knockout from the off so it’s make or break in every game, with each key decision potentially meaning it’s time to be a champion.. or it’s curtains for you.

The opening fixture promises to be an explosive encounter with mean attendance streak Gaji facing the returning Ridout, fresh from a short absence. Who will prevail? Who will prove to pick the right team and then will have the nous to lead their team to glory?

The banter is already rife in the forum. True to form, Chris has already staked his claim to the cup by predicting he will defeat Gaji in the final. Jon has bounced back stating that without him on Gaji’s team, there’s no way the opposition will get the better of him! Check out the forum now to get involved…

So who do you think will lift the trophy?

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