Germon-y Out BEFORE penalties?!

Dave Germon falls even before the first game having stated he is now OUT unless stated, this free’s up a place for a new entry or means Joe ‘Shabba’ Newbury will get a by to the Semi’s without even having to work for it!

Some have expressed outrage at this potential situation;

Newbury through without having to play for it! Disgusting! I didn’t think he’d even muster a team that could score a goal or stop a shot!

Others have been more kind about Joe’s chances however they have asked not to be quoted because they are in fact, fictitious people!

… and a final comment from this reporter…

How can Joe get a by, he only got married last week?! It’s time lift dealt him a slap to take that grin off his face, how about Chris ‘the odds on favourite’ Phillips gives him a pasting in the final… I think that sounds likely!

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2 Responses to Germon-y Out BEFORE penalties?!

  1. Joe says:

    Oh ho ho – bring it on! I'll happily take the bye if that means we meet and I can open up a can (if you know what I mean!)

  2. Plasmo says:

    Ha, no By for you but I still hope you make it so I can show you how a team can really play in the final!

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