Collins powers his way into TPC Semi Final

James Pugh V Billy Collins

James Pugh (4) V (8) Billy Collins

Billy Collins became the second semi finalist in the Team Picker Cup as his side proved too strong for James Pugh’s side with a 8-4 win.

TPC officials will be concerned however that this game was the second in a row  to be shrouded in controversy – again with a goal line clearance, and this time with a different method in setting which player picks first. The rules state that the contestant who received the lowest number in the draw picks first but in this game the order was decided by coin toss, to which both contestants agreed. The coin toss fell in Collins’ favour giving him first pick, when according to the rules it should gone to Pugh.

A small victory – Greg’s second game not being picked last!

In footballing matters, Team Pugh got off to a flyer after a horrendous mistake by Team Billy which left a one-on-one with the keeper. Team Billy passed the ball well but seemed to lack that cutting edge in front of goal. They seemed to find greater potency on the counter attack and then marched on a goal blitz scoring 5 goals with no reply. Half time came and Team Pugh needed to climb a real Everest of a mountain to come back from 5-1.

Hear me roar!

The game continued to move in waves in the second half as it was time for Team Pugh to show their metal. It was clear that their team talk wasn’t all about the oranges and self pity, as they looked like men on a mission to win the game for their captain. They pegged Team Billy back to 5-4 and now looked on course to tie the game. In their great comeback they also claimed that a flick-over shot by Tom which beat the keeper actually passed the goal line as it hit the netting. However the defence ruled it out so the goal wasn’t given, similar to last week’s incident for Team Gaji. With the single goal cushion making them sweat, Team Billy finally started to find their feet and the game drifted back into their favour with three more goals to kill the game off. Full time score 8-4.

Collins knew his side stared at the abyss and almost fell straight in, so he certainly felt that he was the luckiest man on the pitch. He thanked each member of his team and talked down his own performance and role that night, stating they pulled him through the tense second half of the game. Pugh, in true character, was dignified in defeat.

The win for Collins means that only two players have actually been on the winning side in the last two fixtures – Joe Newbury and Gareth O’Neill. What a fair lady Fate should be to pit these two players against each other in the next quarter final, where only one player will have won all three matches. The winner of this game will face Jon Ridout in the semi finals.            

Team Pugh – (Clockwise from left – Paul, Luco, Greg, Stu, Tom, Pugh)
Team Billy (Clockwise from left – Joe, G, Chris, Gaji, Paul, Billy)

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