It’s gonna be so BIG!

So the next game will be the big man himself; Gareth “Big G” O’Neill up against, the other big man; Joe ‘Shabba’ Newbury.

We, here at TTFE Team Picker Cup Headquarters do not know how this will go down or who will come out on top, but we do know it’s going to be BIG and will decide who plays against our first TPC game winner Jon Ridout in the first of the semi-finals.

Before we get to that though, we need to take a look forward to this 3rd quarter final. In the latest we’ve heard, Joe is favourite to win having inspired teams in the past with chants such as;

“If you lose it, get it back!”

But that’s not to say Joe is the only one to bring a catch phrase into this clash, Big G has been known for one or 2 himself!;

“Argghhh, F***ing C***!”

So, knowing the passion O’Neill brings to every game; we can only assume it’s going to start off as a heated affair, continue to increase in intensity as the game goes on and all end in tears… the only real questions remaning are….

Who’s tears?!
Will there be another controversial goal?
Who will be taking on Jon Ridout in the semi-final!

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