… is what I would be saying if we don’t have your help. Chris and I will be away for games towards the end of March (my organising partner of crime of course will be ‘celebrating’ the passing of his nuptials and no, he didn’t offer to take me!) so that means there will be no one to collect the money and organise games for these games.

Therefore unless we have someone who can step into our shoes for these games, we have no option but to cancel these games. Cancellations require a week in advance, so we need to cancel by this Thursday at the very latest. We need one or two (or three or four) people to take the roles of kitty holder and organiser for two weeks (21st and 28th March).

If are willing to help out, please let Chris or myself know ASAP. If we do not get any replies by Thursday 12pm (noon) then I will take the steps to cancel both games.

Thanks all!

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