Chris’ Last FREE Game….

…and of course the way you interpret ‘free’ is important here, but I guess you all know what I mean! Tonight’s game will be the last before the organising monster himself becomes a happily married man and now he joins an exclusive club at TTFE.

As you may know this is the 10th year anniversary of TTFE’s formation, as it is estimated that we started kicking a ball around Sophia back in 2003. Back then we were poor Uni students or at the bottom of the career ladder just having a laugh with mates. Who knew it would still be around 10 years later?

Now of course times have changed. We’ve all grown up, got new jobs and our guts may have got a little larger. But also some of us have even taken that extra leap of commitment and have walked up the aisle; in fact, my rather rough research finds that out of the Top 25 currently playing , 28% are now married men. When Chris (and we believe) Carling tie the knot (not together of course!) that will rise to 36%!!! Over a third! Phwoar! To add, roughly 16% have already made plans to secure TTFE’s legacy and future, by being thoughtful enough to have children. Incredible!

So welcome to the club Chris and have a smashing day! This all brings a tear to my eye… we were all so young once!!!

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