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The ninth TTFE Poolmania tournament has finally been given a definitive date after months of postponements and cancelled dates, taking place 3 months after the traditional date in February.

The TTFE Poolmania committee agreed that the tournament will get the go-ahead after enough players were able to sign up and compete and fulfill any sponsorship agreements.

This year’s tournament has suffered a number of setbacks with real difficulty in establishing a suitable date for enough competitors to be available, with extra-special circumstances affecting key players including former Poolmania champions Chris Phillips and James Carling, who recently tied the knot (not with each other!).

Lead Poolmania organiser, Joe Newbury, spoke of his frustration with finding suitable dates for this year’s contest; “It’s been a nightmare. Never before has it been so difficult to arrange. We’ve had it all – weddings, no tables available at the pool hall – it’s like it is cursed!”. Newbury also stated that this date will be the very final date, regardless of the turnout. He added, “I’m already mindful of the TTFE Team Picker Cup coming fairly soon, so the committee rightfully forced me to get Poolmania out of the way or not have it on at all this year!”

Spectators will be delighted to hear that the tournament’s big guns have already signed up. Among the roster includes the four-time champion, Greg Davies, 2011 winner Chris Phillips and Poolmania VI’s victor Dale Thomas. ┬áPlus with James Carling and the current champion Karl Manley expected to enter, all the former champions will be present and hungry to regain the Poolmania title.

Debutants will include Peter North and Matthew Atkin, both who will be eager to make their mark in their first tournament. Could we see a first timer win the tournament? When it comes to Poolmania, it all comes down to whether you have the balls to take the glory.

In other news, Newbury has come under fire from Phillips regarding the Poolmania section of the website and the distinct lack of an article about his win in Poolmania VII. He was quoted saying, “WTF?! The greatest Poolmania win in living memory and there not so much as a word to say how great it was?!?!”. Newbury declined to discuss the issue with us, but sources say he has scurried away to his office to start work on the rest of the remaining reports, with his priority being applied to Poolmania VII.

So who do you think will win Poolmania IX? Post your thoughts below!

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  1. Anonymous Fan of Poolmania says:

    To the simple question posed at the end of this post, a simple answer;

    Chris Phillips

    He is clearly the talent of the competition and he’s so good looking too!

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