Fatman Scoop! – A post about open goal blunders

Ever since last Thursday I just haven’t been the same.

It’s like an undeniable chortling monkey has taken residence upon my shoulders uttering the same, bone-chilling words… ‘Faaaaatman… Scooooop!”. Over and over again, this pernicious primate continued to undermine my footballing ability reminding me of that woeful miss which summed up what was a below-par performance at Sophia.  On a night which missed tackles and mislaid passes became the least of my worries, that one golden opportunity to make amends for the piss-poor play only added to what was an already overloaded catalogue of errors.

Fatman Scoop is the nickname I’ve earned for my incredible tendency to fire the ball over the goal when completely unnecessary or seemingly impossible to do so. And last Thursday was perhaps the best example you will ever see of Da Scoop in action. As I went back to my  recommended position as defender to absorb all the insults, Callum said to me it was ‘like Rosenthal’ and I couldn’t have agreed more. For those who aren’t aware of who he is, Israeli Ronny Rosenthal is known for perhaps the most famous footballing blunder of all time where he missed an open goal by hitting the crossbar, much to his horror. See that very horror below…

So it got me thinking about other woeful open goal misses which will stand the test of time (and make me feel better as they are worse than mine!).

These have been taken from a Guardian article and are all extremely high on the embarrassing Miss-o-Meter. But do you have any football misses that you can suggest are even better?

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