“Why is everyone so quick?!” – Some help for the TTFE oldies…

Desperate times call for desperate measures for some of our elderly defenders!

Although I’ve been out of the game for a while, I’ve come to recognise from my return last week that TTFE has been undergoing is a bit of a transformation in my absence.¬†

One key change is to see a load of new, youthful faces at TTFE which of course is a great thing to see. I’m pleased that we’ve been welcoming new friends to join our merry pool of players and ensuring that we keep the TTFE train ‘choo-chooing’ every week.

So to all of our new TTFE members – thank you.

However for elderly gentlemen like me, with our receding hairlines and bulging bellies, this has certain consequences. This influx of fresh, younger blood has cranked up the average pace of games a few notches, meaning we are are struggling to catch these young whipper-snappers. Nutmegged and left for dust, all we can is look to the skies in frustration, shake our fists and curse our old, aging bones.

Now to the fellow golden oldies of TTFE – I’m not saying that some of you need practice… but when help comes along we would be wise men to grab it with both hands. After all, speed is only one element of the small sized football game – tactics are just as important, if not more.

5-a-side have a great article on how to succeed at 5-a-side football which as a TTFE OAP I advocate to the rest of the TTFE veterans.

Let’s show the youth of the today that there’s still life in us yet!

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