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It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally got off my backside and worked out the results of last year’s State of Play questionnaire. So what are the highlights? Abandon games which are too rainy and let the kitty take the hit? Change the day because it always rains on a Thursday? And even dogging as a new social activity?!?! The members of TTFE have spoken and have not disappointed in expressing an interesting, if not bizarre, array of opinions.

On the 6 v 7 a side debate, it remains split down the middle with only a 2.7% swing to 7-a-side. However it only means that nearly 60% favour it, so we’re not talking a runaway sentiment for a larger group of players.

When it comes to reasons why you play, more of you believe TTFE is about the social aspects of the game rather than the football itself, citing a huge increase on last year on having a laugh and socialising with friends. The need for improving football ability took a nosedive compared to 2011.

Meanwhile the main reasons you access TTFE related sites are for information on the kitty, Team Picker Cup news and for general banter. Less than half of you check the sites for your bib-related news updates.

Lastly, the top social activities include SLODBNs, the Xmas Meal and Computer/Video Game nights. Poker and paintballing gathered the most yawns.

For more detailed info check out the spreadsheet for a full breakdown of the responses. Click the image above to access it. Thanks again for all those who participated and we hope we can ask the same of you in December 2013.  

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